Candy Crush Saga updated, now has 410 levels

It’s not good enough to just make a hit game anymore. Nowadays, you need to make a hit game that lasts. That means more content, more updates, and – as GREE’s VP of Product Mike Lu told us earlier this week – knowing the importance of listening to your players.

And while we can’t speak to that third point, it’s pretty clear that King understand the value of the first two. The latest update to Candy Crush Saga went live this morning, and has brought the level count up to a whopping 410!

These latest levels are featured in the new 28th episode “Polkapalooza.” And while the update itself is free, like all episodes in Candy Crush Saga, you’ll either need the help of your friends to unlock it for a whole whopping 99 cents.

The price of games these days. Sheesh.

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