Calm your inner arsonist with this Balloonicorn plushie

Pity the poor Pyro from Team Fortress 2. He (or she—or it) simply wants his rivals to join him in the splendor of “Pyroland,” but his delirious kindness actually leads him to burn up everyone and everything he encounters. But now you can take home one piece of Pyroland without winding up in a burn ward afterwards: The bouncy, fluffy Balloonicorn.

Valve’s Balloonicorn plushie is a perfect re-creation of the same bouncy beast that frolics on the candy-studded streets of Pyro’s delusions. It measures 14.5 inches from the tip of its horn to its tail, and it’s covered in huggable pink fuzz.

When you’re tired of hugging and ready for some more killing, the Balloonicorn can help you on the battlefield. Each one comes packed with a code for a Balloonicorn in-game item.

This magical beast can be yours for $24.99. Do you believe in magic?

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