Call of Cthulhu development team gets into the holiday spirit with Cthulhu Christmas Calendar

Imagine you’re a seasoned developer that’s toiling away tirelessly on your new studios’ first game. Now imagine that it’s Christmas, and you’re feeling a tad silly. What’s the best way to relieve some of that pent up development stress while keeping in the holiday spirit? By creating a cutesy holiday app, of course!

Red Wasp Design, the team behind the upcoming Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, have just launched a charming little release with a similarly Lovecraftian vibe, Cthulhu Christmas Calendar. Unlike their larger project (which you can read more about here, here, here, or here), the Cthulhu Christmas Calendar is a whimsical take on Lovecraft’s famed sanity-shattering creations.

Not quite a game, the Calendar will reveal a unique piece of Lovecraft themed art every day that’s bound to make fans of the late author smile. Whether it’s an eager young Shoggoth mailing a letter to Santa, a sled being pulled through the sky by Hunting Horror, or Cthulian cultists dancing around a Christmas tree instead of their standard idol of worship, the daily reveals will you tickled pink. Better yet, each image comes with a related trivia question, and on the 25th you’ll be given a “Mythos rating” to let you know how well you know this particular master of horror.

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If you’re not already a fan of Lovecraft, much of the charm found in the app will no doubt be lost on you. But if you’re well-versed in his works (and if you’ve enjoyed the recent hidden object game Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness, that’s a start) there’s no way you won’t crack a smile.

The app is available now (iPhone $0.99/iPad $1.99/Android $0.99), though it’s really of no use until December 1st (like any Christmas Calendar, it runs exclusively for those 25 days). So what should you do to kill the time as you wait? If you’re looking for more of a cutesy Cthulhu, why not give a Dr. Seuss inspired twist on The Call of Cthulhu a read? Or better yet, get in the calendar spirit by ordering your own 2012 Cthulhu Mythos calendar here.

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