Caesars Slots is giving away 40,000 coins as a launch bonus

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Why you should pay for slots when you can play for free? That’s obviously what Playtika thought when the developer released Caesars Slots – Casino Games for iPad.

In an incredibly generous move, you get 40,000 free coins just for downloading it. After that, you can play game after game of free slots until you either run out of gold or time.

If you run out of those initial coins, you won’t be hung out to dry either. You get thousands of free coins every day, so you can keep winning even if you’re unlucky.

And if that’s not enough for you, you can also use the daily wheel and collect hourly bonuses for even more. There’s never a reason to stop playing.

Caesars Slots Best Features

Why should you play Caesars Slots? Well, how about for all the awesome themed slot machines? They’re based on real Vegas slot machines, and are themed on Pink Panther, Cleopatra, and Zeus alongside a ton more.

There’s also plenty of incentive to keep playing once you’ve started. New games are added every single week, keeping the experience lovely and fresh.

The game is simple, you just have to choose the theme to play with and select the spin button to begin your casino experience. Like any slot machine, you must match a certain set of characters/symbols in a horizontal row to win big.

You gain coins every day to continue to give the slot machines a try, once you run out of coins you wait until you’ve gained more over time. Or you can buy the coins with your actual currency.

With a variety of different slot machines, video poker, blackjack, roulette, and pokies, there’s a ton to keep you busy no matter how you like to play.

So, go ahead and grab Caesars Slots right now on iOS or Android and get playing those free slots right away!

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