Bus Simulator City Ride Opens the Series to Portable Passengers, Available Now on Mobile

Bus Simulator City Ride, from developer stillalive studios and publisher Astragon Entertainment, is the latest game in the hugely popular Bus Simulator series. 

It’s also the first to be aimed at portable gamers. Bus Simulator City Ride is available right now on Switch, Android, iOS, rather than the usual PC and home console platforms.

Aside from that, it looks like business as usual. 

This time around the action takes place in Havensburg, a fictional city inspired by a number of different cities throughout northern Europe. 

All Aboard

It sees you carrying passengers around Havensburg, unlocking new buses as you work your way through the story campaign. 

There are ten licenced buses in total, including models from Alexander Dennis, BYD, Blue Bird, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Vicinity Motor Corp, Volvo, Setra, Scania, and IVECO BUS.

Among the vehicles on offer are conventional and articulated buses, double deckers, and newfangled electric models, allowing you to keep Havensburg carbon-neutral and pollution-free. 

As well as unlocking new buses during the campaign you’ll also open up new routes and districts. 

There’s a range of different places to visit in Havensburg, including a harbor, a warehouse district, an old town, and some scenic countryside. The more you play, the bigger the city becomes and the more there is to see. 

Your ultimate aim is to build a thriving public transport network through skilful driving and artful management. 

Bus Simulator City Ride is more than just a management and driving sim, though. Your passengers have stories to tell, and as you play you’ll get to know them through a series of fully voice-acted interactions. 

And if you’re playing on Switch and not in the mood for all that you can take a day off and just drive around the city in the sandbox mode. This lets you take in the sights without the pressure of sticking to a route and being on time. 

You can download Bus Simulator City Ride right now on the Nintendo eShop, the Google Play Store, and the App Store. 

To learn more, head to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and the official site.

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