Super Monkey Ball Meets SSX On Tour in Bunny Hill

Bunny Hill is a fast-paced skiing game that features physics-based movement and a wide variety of maps to play on!

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I admit, it was the metal font that caught my attention when I first spotted Bunny Hill. However, after a closer inspection, I realised that the game reminded me of two games that I used to play quite a bit back in the day on the original Xbox.

For more information about Bunny Hill, you can visit the game’s official Steam page or page – where you can also purchase the game!

An Ode to the Classics

The overall aesthetic takes me back to the iconic game, SSX on Tour – arguably one of the best snowboarding games ever made. Who doesn’t want to snowboard down a massive slope to Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden? It’s not just the aesthetic either, it’s the gameplay too. Bunny Hill is a fast-paced skiing game that takes place in snowy regions, but adds a twist by adding a variety of unexpected locations.

While the aim is to get to the finish line, it also plays like an obstacle course, as you weave in and out to avoid the objects in your path. Now, it’s time to discuss the second game that Bunny Hill reminds me of… Super Monkey Ball! Listen, I know it sounds like a bit of a far-fetch, but once you watch the game’s trailer and learn that it’s a physics based game, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Physics play a huge part in how you move through the course. That and the smooth slopes and grid-patterned ground are extremely reminiscent to the classic Super Monkey Ball franchise – and that game was all about physics. There’s even a monkey character to play as and… is that the Onion Knight from Dark Souls twerking?

What’s New in Version 1.2?

Anyway, it’s not exactly a new game, but the recent version 1.2 update brings online multiplayer to Bunny Hill. You can now play with up to 8 other people in lobbies and you can even customise your name tag colour in-game!

The PS1/PS2 charm of Bunny Hill is what keeps people coming back for more – as well as the absolutely addictive gameplay. It’s simple, but not in a bad way. You can sit back, relax, and take to the slopes as you jam out to the funky soundtrack. You also don’t see many video games using edgy, borderline unreadable, metal fonts throughout, so that’s an extra bonus for me!

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