Bungie’s next game may be coming to the iPhone

When they recently acquired Bungie, the famed developer behind the Xbox-exclusive Halo franchise, Activision clearly had its sights set on taking Bungie’s next title to as many consoles as it could. What we weren’t expecting to hear, however, was that one of those consoles might be the iPhone or the iPad. But it looks like that’s exactly where it might be headed.

GamePro has reported on a recent Activision quarterly earnings call that confirms that Bungie’s next game is already under development and has a team of 200+ people working on it. GamePro then goes on to state that “Based on quotes from Activision’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Thomas Tippl, Bungie’s next game may be Wii-bound — as well as iPad/iPhone-bound and handheld-bound.”

While far from confirmation of an iPhone shooter on par with Halo, it’s nice to know that Bungie’s next effort might just be coming to Apple’s popular portable devices.

[via GamePro]

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