Buddy Rush update adds new character, new chapter, and lots of spiky hair

Cross-platform action RPG Buddy Rush receives its latest update today, which brings with it a brand new chapter to explore and a brand new character to explore it with.

Dubbed The Fifth Wave, the new update adds an underground-themed chapter called Evaca, where you can finally battle oblins in the darkness of what looks to be a diamond mine. There’s also a new character to play as, called Choppin, who looks as if he was ripped straight out of a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts game. This spiky-headed hero is equipped with a rather large sword, making him perfect for short-range combat.

There’s also a handful of new items to purchase and, for the first time, Facebook players will be able to experience the game in Traditional Chinese. And for those die-hard fans, the developers have made the game’s soundtrack available to purchase from iTunes for $9.99. And for a limited time you can also grab a trio of tracks for free from the developer’s site.

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