Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal sequel confirmed, and Codeminion wants your ideas!

By Erin Bell |

Codeminion has confirmed that there will indeed be a sequel to Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal, and the company is inviting fans to submit their ideas of what they’d like to see in Brunhilda 2. Users who submit the best ideas will get free copies of Brunhilda 2 and a chance to see their designs come to life. If you’ve got an idea to share, head over to the online submission form and send it in. You can also read through the ideas that other people have submitted.

The contest begins today and is open to all people worldwide over the age of 18. According to Codeminion, all kinds of feedback are welcome including feature requests, character and location descriptions, story ideas, and any general suggestions.

“We’ve had great success with closed beta tests thanks to the excellent feedback of our gamers. We were absolutely wowed with the amount of warmth, enthusiasm and competence among the testers. The game would never be that good without this help so it was immediately obvious that we’d want to take it to the next level with Brunhilda 2 and include fan feedback on early preproduction stages,” said Konstanty Kalicki, one of the main designers behind the original game and community manager at TwinBottles.

Brunhilda 2 preproduction has just started, so the timing for this action is perfect,” added Codeminion Co-Owner, Konrad Olesiewicz. “I can’t wait to see what kind of ideas we’ll receive!” – says. Both Codeminion and TwinBottles promised to study every single submission. The list of submitted ideas is visible to all website visitors, so the participants are encouraged to browse them before submitting repeated or similar entries.

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal is currently available for Windows PC’s, with Mac, iPad and localized versions in additional languages in development.

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