Brrrrr! Time Surfer gets a wintry new update

Time Surfer has received a sparkling winter-themed update today just in time for the holidays, which adds a brand new time attack mode called “Holiday Hills” that has players trying to navigate the snowy hillsides as quickly as possible. Of course, the real challenge comes in trying to avoid all of the presents and gifts that are blocking your path (I guess Santa had a big old hole in his presents bag this year!).

In addition to the new Holiday Hills mode, the new Time Surfer update also brings with it brand new characters like a festive gremlin, Daft Penguin, the protagonist from Kumobius’ latest game Duet, and even Santa Surfer himself! In addition, you’ll also find new music, 24 GameCenter achievements, and three all-new pets: including the Space Reindeer, Santa’s Elf Helper, and my personal favorite, an inanimate lump of coal known described as the “anti-present.”


Tis the season to play some Time Surfer! The brand new free title update to one of our favorite endless runners from this year is now live for both iOS and Android versions of the game. Happy surfing – err – sledding!

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