Browser Pick: Tri

On Wednesday, Steam announced that fifty new titles had been approved through the Steam Greenlight program. One of those fifty titles is Tri, from developer Rat King Entertainment. Like many games, Tri originated from a game jam, the 2011 Ludum Dare 20 game jam, to be specific. While Tri did not receive any awards during the jam, the developers felt encouraged enough to produce Tri into a complete game.

Obviously their instincts paid off, as Tri is now on its way to becoming available on Steam.

The original version of Tri is still available to play online. Hosted on Kongregate, players can get a very basic taste as to what they can expect from the full version, which is set to release later this year.


In short, Tri has players utilizing a “tri force field gun” to construct triangles that are then used to solve puzzles and traverse through the game’s five levels. Things can become very tricky, straightaway, but for the most part the game does a good job of easing players into the various scenarios.

Currently both the Tri and Rat King Entertainment websites seem to be experiencing technical trouble, but gamers interested in keeping up with the latest information about the full version of Tri can follow Rat King Entertainment on Twitter.

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