Browser MMORPG Eternal Fury Turns 4 with an Avalanche of Anniversary Giveaways

Eternal Fury is celebrating its latest birthday.

Believe it or not, Game Hollywood’s hugely popular browser-based MMORPG is four years old. To mark the occasion, it’s holding a host of in-game events.

The 4th Anniversary New Server Welfare event sees you receiving a Classic Mount – Golden Lion for simply logging in to the new anniversary server for two days.

Logging in for seven days, meanwhile, lets you unlock Legendary Hero – Dragon Slayer, and 14 days gets you Martyr Summoning Scroll x90, along with an additional Martyr Summoning Scroll x70 during the first seven days of the event.

The total value of all Summoning Scrolls is a whopping $320.

Then there’s the 4th Anniversary Carnival. This one doubles the rate at which you gain XP during the anniversary celebrations, making it pretty much unmissable for anyone who likes to get ahead in life.

There’s a whole new Graffiti theme city map upgrade, too, featuring a graffiti cake and cupcake.

Naturally, the 4th anniversary celebrations are also taking place in the original servers. Game Hollywood has cut the odds of winning classic heroes, mounts, wings, and exclusive fashion items from spins.

Like any good party, the Eternal Fury 4 anniversary event cannot be contained within a single venue. That means you can get involved not just in the game itself but on Facebook and Discord too.

On Facebook, you can take part in two separate gift code events until May 27th. To take part, all you need to do is Like the Eternal Fury page to put yourself in the running for a $40 gift code.

And on Discord there’s a Return of the Veterans event until the same date, allowing returning players to cash-in on some sweet rewards.

For the uninitiated, Eternal Fury is a sprawling fantasy MMO that sees you picking a class, exploring a vast fantasy continent, getting into endless brawls, and summoning a cast of heroes drawn from a diverse array of world mythologies.

You can play Eternal Fury for free right now on Game Hollywood Games.

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