Brett Ratner producing FarmVille animated series

The FarmVille franchise is really going places. First it was announced that FarmVille 2 is coming to mobile, and now it’s been revealed that a FarmVille show is in the works. Even crazier, Brett Ratner (director of films like Red Dragon, X-Men: The Last Stand, and the Rush Hour series) is the man in charge of producing it.

FarmVille is one of the most exciting brands out there today and its cross-platform opportunities are endless. I am thrilled to be expanding the brand with existing fans and also engaging a whole new audience,” Ratner said in a statement earlier today.

Apparently Brett Ratner is really into virtual farming!

But despite all this excitement, no actual details were provided about what fans can expect from the show. All we really know is that it will be created by a company called Six Eleven Media, although we can still make a few educated guesses as to what the story will be. Personally, I’m betting on it being modeled after the plot of FarmVille 2, which is a game about restoring the farm you lived on as a child. It’s a decent enough premise, really, and it could easily be stretched across hundreds of episodes.

Assuming the show lasts that long, of course.

In all honesty, I have every intention of checking this show out once it airs. It’s always interesting to see how people modify games to function in other mediums, and who knows? Maybe it will be good! Probably not, but maybe!

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