Brawl Stars Update Version 17.149 FAQ: New Rare Brawler – Rosa, New Skins, Game Balancing and More!

By Sam Simmons |

It’s fair to say we all love a good update, there’s something about new content that gets us feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside. Maybe that’s just me, but it doesn’t matter how you feel about updates, the latest one from Supercell is a real head-turner.

New Rare Brawler – Rosa

Although she is not officially on our screens yet, a new brawler has been revealed. Her primary attack is similar to El Primo’s, a close-range flurry of punches capable of landing multiple hits in the same attack. Her attack cone is wider than El Primo’s, meaning you will have slightly more range.

Her super is a shield which reduces all the damage she takes for a short period. In modes like Brawl Ball, this super is a game changer as you can shield yourself and then dribble with the ball. It’s not clear how much consideration Supercell have given to balancing, but they are normally quick to respond if they get things wrong.

Her Star Power is sure to raise a few eyebrows, it involves healing while in bushes. A lot of players use bushes to heal up anyway, but in showdowns which are bushy, Rosa is a deadly foe.

New Skins

There is not much to say about the new skins, besides when they will be available for purchase. It’s likely that one of the skins will be available when Rosa is introduced in a couple of week’s time. Then the other skin won’t be far behind.

The new skins are:

  • Bunny Penny – Easter Bunny costume for Penny
  • Shiba Nita – A Japanese holiday themed dog skin

Game Balancing and Character Changes

They have introduced a lot of buffing and patching in the latest Brawl Stars update. 10 characters have had their health or attacks changed. Some of these changes are bug fixes specifically, Gene who’s super has caused a lot of problems recently.

Other important changes are listed below:


  • Increased main attack damage from 280 to 300
  • Increased super damage from 280 to 300
  • Increased poison damage per second from 70 to 75


  • Increased Super healing from 1840 to 2100


  • Increased boomerang speed by 25%
  • Increased Super duration from 2.5 sec to 3.0 sec
  • Stuns, pushbacks and pulls now interrupt Carl’s Super ability


  • Increased main attack range from 7.33 tiles to 7.67 tiles
  • Increased main attack projectile speed by 5%


  • Increased health from 4000 to 4200


  • Decreased Super Invisibility time from 8.0 sec to 7.0 sec


  • Decreased main attack damage from 260 to 240
  • Decreased health from 4400 to 4300
  • When Nita and her Bear and Pam attack Pam’s Healing Stations they now receive the star power healing effect


  • Increased the number of Bombs dropped from Super from 3 to 4
  • Increased Super Bomb damage from 800 to 900
  • Bombs now spread across a larger area (+10% diameter)

Teaming Fixes

The most complained feature in Brawl Stars is the teaming up of players in solo showdown. Teaming is where the same or similar characters work together to eliminate the rest of the competition.

Supercell’s first attempt at fixing this problem involves having meteors target groups of players. They have also decreased the chance of energy drinks or mushrooms spawning near groups of players. This may not fix teaming right way, but it shows that actions are being taken to stop these players.

Dynamic Map Elements

They have introduced a few new maps into circulation as part of this update. The new Gem grab map features a new dynamic map element to spice things up. Mine-carts will now travel across the map, doing damage to players on the tracks and blocking projectiles. The carts also push players away, so keep your eyes peeled for this new map.

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