Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary is coming in early 2014

I’ve mentioned before how 2014 is already shaping up to be the year of long-awaited sequels, from Mega Jump 2 all the way to Jet Car Stunts 2. But I think this next one easily takes the cake for being the most long-awaited: because the original game came out in 1984! That’s right, the iconic arcade game Boulder Dash will be getting a long-awaited 30th Anniversary revamp this year for mobile devices. This also marks the first time that original Boulder Dash creators Chris Gray and Peter Liepa will be working on a project together since the initial debut of the game all those years ago.

Now 30 years is certainly a long time to wait for a sequel, so what new things can we expect to find when Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary launches in early 2014? Well for one thing, Gray and Liepa have made over 50 levels full of brand-spanking-new worlds, creatures, and gem combos to encounter. Everything is rendered in beautiful 3D graphics and animations thanks to the power of the Unity Engine, and players will even be able to enjoy a cave editor mode and second playable character, Crystal.


Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary is the first planned project of Gray’s newly formed studio, TapStar Interactive, which already has two other games in the works as well: a word game called Spell Slots and a zombie-themed running game called Run for your Life! But for the time being, it’s all about the boulders. You can expect to see the free-to-play Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary making its way to iOS and Android early this year, with PC and Mac versions to follow sometime after.

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