Boson X is now on Android

We’ve been gushing over the speedy Boson X for a few solid months now (while subsequently pulling our hair out trying to top our latest high score), and for pretty good reason: the game is the next in line of must-play impossible twitch-reflex challenges akin to Super Hexagon. Well now Android users can finally have the chance to see what all the fuss is about, as Boson X has sped its way onto the Google platform today.

In Boson X, players are tasked with running through a rotating vortex of a game world that’s bursting with dizzying colors and deadly jumps at every step of the way. The game is fast, furious, and most importantly, just all-around mobile fun.


Boson X can be downloaded on the Google Play Marketplace right now for $1.99, after which you can then proceed to throw your Android device against the wall once you get a taste of the game’s addictively blistering difficulty. You’ve been warned!

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