Booyah adds “product check-in” to MyTown

Having already made their mark in the world of location-based check-in services like FourSquare, MyTown is looking to take the concept in a whole new direction. As of the latest update, players will now be able to participate in “product check-in.”

Product check-in works similar to location check-in, but instead of relying on your iPhone’s GPS capabilities it will rely on your camera. Players will be able to scan the barcodes of real items to earn points and unlock exclusive in-game content.

“We first made the location check-in fun, said Keith Lee, CEO, Booyah. “Now we’re making products fun. It adds a whole new layer on top of the MyTown experience.”

MyTown has developed a positive reputation for creating marketing opportunities that cater to the digital lifestyle. Earlier this year, for example, MyTown developer Booyah partnered with the retail clothing chain H&M to promote a new line of denim garments. Product check-ins will provide a unique opportunity that should only help to further such marketing opportunities.

“It’s a holy grail for marketers and brands to have their target audience actually hold their products in their hands,” added Lee. “It’s as close as you will get before point of sale. Not to mention that a consumer’s product check-in history is invaluable data.”

In addition to product check-in, the latest version of MyTown features level-up rewards, decorative stamps, new levels, and tutorials for MyTown‘s latest residents.

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