Fans of Chilla’s Art Can Play a Demo of the Upcoming J-Horror, Blue Maiden, On October 9

Blue Maiden is an exciting upcoming psychology J-horror game that takes you through traditional Japanese neighbourhoods – but something’s off.

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There’s an upcoming demo during Steam Next Fest that I’m extremely excited to try out – and I want to share it! Blue Maiden is an eery psychological J-horror game set in a traditional Japanese neighbourhood. Not only does the game look creepily stunning, but the narrative sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic experience.

Interested in checking out Blue Maiden? Visit the game’s official Steam page, where you’ll also be able to download the demo on October 9 during Steam Next Fest!

The Rise of J-Horror Games

Recently, the popularity of J-horror games received a spike in interest thanks to the legendary titles by Chilla’s Art. With the latest release being Parasocial, a story that follows a streamer who is being stalked. Never heard of Chilla’s Art? You may have seen playthrough videos of The Closing Shift and the ever-popular The Convenience Store!

While Blue Maiden, developed by Blusagi Team, is an entirely different entity, I’d certainly recommend checking it out if you’re a fan of the games mentioned above. I’m all for brand-new J-horror games – which may be mostly due to the fact that some of my favourite horror films are in the Japanese Horror genre! Anyway, enough about me, let’s dive deeper into what to expect from the indie gem, Blue Maiden.

What is Blue Maiden?

The game itself features realistic recreations of residential streets in Japan, followed by terrifyingly dark tunnels, which are bathed in red light as you find a mysteriously placed Tori gate. The Steam page for Blue Maiden has the tag “Walking Simulator”, which is what it is when you strip it down to its most basic elements. However, it’s so much more than that. Yes, you’re mostly going to be walking around as you explore, but the psychological effects of slowly walking through pitch-black tunnels with only the glimmer of your small flashlight turns Blue Maiden into something else entirely.

You return to your old neighbourhood to help out with the family business, but when you get there, something feels different… and off. Strangely, you’ve been having recurring nightmares of a girl prior to arriving. The itching feeling of curiosity takes over, and you decide to solve the mystery.

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