Blindfolded Is a Game That Would Challenge Even Daredevil

Marvel’s blind superhero Daredevil is getting a lot of attention these days, mostly because of the success of Netflix’s show about The Man Without Fear. Though blind, Daredevil gets by with his superb sense of hearing. It’s (usually) enough to help guide his way through fights and across the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen.

Blindfolded, a new game from Christian Duesgard, challenges players to navigate through the levels not sight or sound, but by memory.

The objective is for the player to drag their finger from the red dot and through the maze to the black dot. As the player moves their finger from the red dot, the walls of the maze vanish, and the player is left to navigate the rest of the maze based on what they can remember. The end is always in sight — it’s just the rest of the maze that isn’t.


Touching the wall resets the entire maze, forcing players to begin again.

I’ve been playing Blindfolded for a bit now, and I’m currently stuck on level 19 (of 60), which is pictured above.

Blindfolded is out now for $0.99 on iOS devices.

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