Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom is a Classic Crafting-Heavy RPG from KEMCO

By Glenn Wilson |


Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom, KEMCO’s hotly anticipated RPG, has just landed on the App Store and Google Play – and it looks like a classic in the making.

The action takes place in the militaristic nation state of Muspelheim, which is known as the “Sand Kingdom” due to its expansive desert terrain. Muspelheim was once impoverished, but it found prosperity and influence through military power.

You play as Volker, the son of a blacksmith in the nation’s capital, Santburg. A product of his environment, Volker has always wanted to be an adventurer, and is set to follow in his father’s footsteps by serving as a blacksmith. 

As its name suggests, Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom features a fair amount of crafting, and you’ll spend a lot of your time gathering materials and taking it back to your workshop to craft high quality equipment for sale.

But Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom is about much more than being a blacksmith. For a start, you’ll need to spend a lot of time looting and adventuring. This involves completing a variety of quests for all manner of richly drawn characters.

One minute you might be asked to help improve the Tavern menu, while the next you might be asked to supply equipment to the state. 

Santburg is a lively town with a variety of institutions and businesses, from the Arena, overseen by the cold-hearted receptionist Hannah, to the Infirmary, which is run by the kindly Father Kristoff. Naturally there’s a Guild, too, where you accept requests, form a party, and tweak your character. 

There are a massive 14 different character classes to choose from, including Knights and Wizards, as well as faiths that grant unique blessings in battle. These, along with passive skills, formations, and equipment upgrades, make for a rich and rewarding combat system. 

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom is one of the most promising RPG prospects to have hit the app stores this year, with a classic top-down aesthetic, a vibrant cast of characters, and a perfectly pitched balance of crafting, adventuring, and combat. 

You can download Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom right now on Google Play (a trial version is also available) and the App Store. The game’s official website is also here.

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