Bizarre casual hit Pukk gets 9 bosses and more in its first major update

Crazy Swedish casual hit Pukk has made quite an impression since it skated macabrely onto mobile a couple of months ago.

Not only was it featured numerous times by Apple, but it has earned impressive 4.4 and 4.7 star user ratings on the App Store and Google Play respectively. People really seem to enjoy throwing disembodied heads around.

Developer Itatake is hoping they’ll enjoy it even more now that Pukk has had its first big update, which transforms the gameplay by adding nine new bosses.

In case you haven’t caught up on the burgeoning Pukk phenomenon so far, the game sees you collecting coins with a smiling, helmet-wearing head that skates back and forth across a channel of ice like, well, a puck.

It’s an auto-runner, but with a truly novel innovation. You slide automatically, but you can speed yourself up by simply tapping on the screen.

This has the effect of narrowing the angle at which you ricochet off the sides of the ice channel, allowing you to time your bounces so that you crash into crates and ice cubes without getting stuck on them. If that happens, a polar bear will catch up with you and cuddle you. Fatally.

The new bosses bring a whole extra dimension to Pukk. Instead of just mastering the tricky skill of getting to the end of each stage alive and packing as much loot as possible, you also have to work out how to take down a mad moose, a howling wolf, a dragon, a robot, a skeleton, and more.

There’s also a new booster to master, called The Rocket, and new objects such as golden chests, ghosts, and TNT.

There are 80 different levels to overcome, so Pukk will keep you busy for hours. Plus, it’s free to download. Grab it on Google Play and the App Store right now.

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