Bing Gordon wants to gamify the world

When Bing Gordon (formerly of Electronic Arts, big-time investor in Zynga) talks, people listen. Or, at least I do.

And according to Bing Gordon, every company should gamify their user and customer experience.

The key takeaway from his talk at the sFund Gamification Summit is that the first five second and the first experience with a customer is the most important one. If you don’t capture someone’s attention in the first 5 seconds, they will “bounce,” which is a bad thing.

Other key takeaways are that avatars, friend bars (showing users you have friends using the product), and showing numbers and badges are important.

The reason why it’s so important is that since the time that people grew up playing the Nintendo, people’s brains are trained around thinking in the context of games.

Of course, my question to this is always, if every experience is gamified, and it’s all around the same bluepoint, at what point does it all get commoditized and people get bored of the same thing? Mario is great to play, but if I was playing Mario on every single web site and app, I would probably get tired of the mustached man.

For the full details, go to Techcrunch’s article and view the presentation within the article page.

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