Big Fish Games releases Treasure Quest, a casual games portal for Facebook

Big Fish Games just released Treasure Quest which can best be described as a casual games portal built for the social platform.

Players can play a variety of free games for free based on the most popular genres, such as hidden object, brain/logic, match-3 puzzle, strategy, card, and riddle games. As you play, you level up and earn gold that you can use to unlock new games content and access new power ups.

Video of Treasure Quest, courtesy of Big Fish Games

The full list of casual games to play at launch are below:

  • Daily Detective – A hidden object game in which players test their detective skills by solving a new hidden object mystery every day.
  • L.O.B.E. – A brain-training/logic game where you test your brain power through a variety fo match games and math puzzles.
  • Fairway Solitaire – It’s Solitaire (not sure how much can elaborate)
  • Unwell Mel – A medical match 3 game
  • Riddle O’Day – Another hidden object game featuring a daily riddle
  • Plunder – A strategic puzzle game where players must blow up mines and sink ships (think Battleship)
  • Thunderbolt – A card game where you have to get as many “21’s” as possible within 75 seconds
  • Snowglobe Slots – A holiday themed slot game machine

For those familiar with the online games channel on Big Fish Games, some of these games (e.g., Unwell Mel, Fairway Solitaire, etc) will sound very familiar. There are other games on this list, especially the hidden object games, which offer a new twist.


The quest and social aspects of the games should add a new twist to game play, much like Bejeweled Twist‘s social aspects added a new wrinkle to Bejeweled.

Big Fish is releasing quests daily for players to acquire new gold. Users will also be able to purchase gold to level up faster and can share their Treasure Quest accomplishments with friends.

You can play Treasure Quest app and view more screen shots here.

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