Big Fish Games releases My Tribe on Facebook

By Erin Bell |

Big Fish Games has just announced the launch of a Facebook version of My Tribe, which marks the company’s second social game initiative of 2010. My Tribe is a tropical island-themed sim game that was originally conceived as a download game for PC and Mac and developed by Grubby Games, a Vancouver-based casual games studio that was acquired by Big Fish Games last year.

“Social gamers are increasingly drawn to game experiences that offer greater depth of gameplay in easily accessible, social formats,” said Will O’Brien, vice president of Social Games at Big Fish Games, in a prepared statement. “My Tribe is precisely that. What’s cool about My Tribe is that when you’re actively playing, you govern your tribe, but while you are away, your tribespeople will take matters into their own hands. Your teenage tribespeople, for example, may choose to sleep or eat instead of chopping wood!

Players begin by selecting a unique island that will have varying levels of natural resources and mysterious objects that are revealed through gameplay.

“With a player’s guidance, tribespeople develop areas of specialty – for example, construction – to help them accomplish larger tasks like building a ship or a storehouse,” explained Ryan Clark, My Tribe’s executive producer. “They grow from child to youth to adult, learn new skills, have children of their own, and eventually become respected elders. And because gameplay is continuous – your tribe is living, learning, fishing, eating and surviving even when your computer is turned off – it’s especially important for players to check in regularly on the tribe’s progress.”

Through problem solving and caring for their tribes, players unlock knowledge that allows their tribespeople to do things like create customized clothing and accessories, build shelter, provide food, and make scientific discoveries. As players accomplish various feats, they level up and eventually unlock trophies and quests. Tribespeople can also travel to islands within a player’s friend network to help accomplish those feats.

My Tribe is free to play with the option to level up faster and enhance the gameplay experience by buying virtual goods.

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