Big Fish Games announces new pricing structure

By Erin Bell |

Big Fish Games today announced a new pricing structure for its downloadable games that gives Game Club members a discount on Collector’s Edition games while raising the price of standard edition games for non-members.

Under the old pricing, standard editions of games cost $6.99 and Collector’s Editions – which typically contain extras like desktop wallpapers, soundtracks, bonus chapters and a built-in strategy guide – sold for $19.95. The new price model introduces a two-tiered system where members of Big Fish Games’ Game Club pay less.

The complete run-down of the new pricing model is as follows:

Standard games

  • $6.99 for Game Club members
  • $9.99 for non-members

Collector’s Editions

  • $13.99 for Game Club members
  • $19.95 for non-members

Daily Deal

  • $2.99 for Game Club members only (not offered to non-members)

It costs $6.99 per month to subscribe to the Game Club, which also gives members access to a free game credit per month, live chat support, and a monthly punch card to earn additional free games.

If you were already a member of the Game Club before, then you’ll actually save a bit of money on Collector’s Editions. Non-members, however, will now find themselves paying the same for Collector’s Editions and $3 more for download games.

Update: Read our interview with Paul Thelen, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Strategy Officer of Big Fish Games about pricing.

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