Big Fish Games Announces Hidden Object Free April

Citing complaints by a vocal minority in its forums that there are “too darn many hidden object and not enough time management games” released on its web site, Big Fish Games has announced that for the entire month of April, not one hidden object game will be offered.

If a hidden object game is released anytime during the month of April, Club members will be awarded the hidden object game for free.

There is a loophole. Big Fish plans to release hidden object games as Tomorrow’s Game Today. The Tomorrow’s Game Today feature on Big Fish does not make any sense in our worldview, of course, existing in a different time-space continuum only on the Big Fish site.

“The hidden object game will be removed once tomorrow becomes today,” a Big Fish spokesperson elaborated, “or we’d be giving away a lot of free hidden object games in April. Felix woudn’t approve…and you don’t want to see Felix angry.”

In other news, Big Fish also announced today that they are releasing their own iPad Killer, the PlayWrite tablet. The PlayWrite tablet will be the lightest tablet on the market, allow anyone with no experience whatsoever to design games for it, and be able to run an unlimited amount of games.

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