BFG’s Treasure Quest walks the plank

Last year Big Fish Games made a splash in the social games world with the release of Treasure Quest on Facebook. It was a unique blend of a game and a portal, and we certainly liked it when we reviewed it back in April. Sadly, it looks like the game wasn’t making enough money to support development, so starting March 15 it will cease to exist.

“Unfortunately, the resources required to make Treasure Quest what it is are not sustainable,” BFG wrote in a FAQ. “Many options were assessed and seriously considered before this final decision was made. The decision was very difficult, but as a business, it was one that we had to make.”

Starting on the 15th the game will no longer be accessible, which means that any cash players spent on the game will be lost in the ether. You also can’t get a refund on any unspent in-game gold, so if you have any laying around be sure to spend it soon. And as of now players can no longer purchase gold.

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