Bejeweled creators talk about the early days

Since its initial release nearly 10 years ago, Bejeweled has become one of the most popular franchises in video games history. It’s seen countless sequels, spin-offs, and imitations. But how much do we really know about the circumstances surrounding its creation?

J. Matthew Zoss of the gaming website Joystick Division recently sat down with Bejeweled creators and PopCap founders Jason Kalpalka and John Vechey to learn about the early days of the franchise. Kalpalka and Vechey talk about their initially modest sales expectations, when they knew it was a hit, and even a special version made for the Pork Advisory Board;

“We did a ‘re-skinned’ version of Bejeweled for the Pork Advisory Board in which the gems were replaced with pork chops and bacon and so forth… that would probably be the weirdest ‘expansion’ of Bejeweled… so far!”

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