Bejeweled Blitz receives update, introduces coins and boosts

PopCap Games has just released a major update to its popular Facebook game Bejeweled Blitz. This revamped version keeps the previous gameplay intact and introduces two new gameplay elements for Facebook gem-swappers to get used to; coins and boosts.

Coins are a type of currency that appears as a special gem. Match this to two other blocks of the corresponding color and earn 100 coins towards your bank. The coins will be spent in between rounds on – you guessed it – boosts.

Boosts are temporary modifiers that will provide you with an in-game advantage. Each does something unique, and only a certain number of rounds. At the present time, there are only five boosts available;

  • Mystery Gem – Puts a random special gem on the board at the beginning of the game
  • Detonate – Puts a gem on the board that will allow you to detonate all special gems at once
  • Scramble – Scrambles all the gems on the board
  • +5 Seconds – Adds 5 seconds to the end of the game
  • Free Multiplier – Puts a multiplier on the board at the start of the game

In an interesting twist, Bejeweled purveyors PopCap Games made this new version available to fans of the Bejeweled Blitz Facebook page several weeks before its actual release. During this time the game was considered beta, with the developers seeking player feedback on how they might improve the game before it was made available to the public. PopCap has committed to making future Blitz betas available to fans. You can join by visiting the Bejeweled Blitz Facebook Fan Page.

Interested in early betas and Facebook pages? Be sure to join the Gamezebo Beta Test Program and our Facebook Fan Page today!

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