Become a master con artist in Game Insight’s Incredible Heist

From the creators of the captivating and hugely successful Mystery Manor, Game Insight’s Incredible Heist is a brand new hidden object game with a devious twist. Said to usher in the “next generation of hidden object games,” Incredible Heist will have players assuming the role of an amateur con artist, as they travel to gorgeous environments all over the world and do what aspiring con artists do best: pick locks, solve puzzles, and above all else, loot from the most magnificent of treasures!

In fact, there’s so much treasure looting involved that a storyline will begin to unfold involving the retrieval of mysterious artifacts called Cryptexes. When all of these hidden Cryptexes are collected, it is rumored that the secrets of the ancient Thieves Guild will be unearthed once and for all. In addition to the main hidden object gameplay with a side of good thieving fun, players can also form impressive item collections as well as complete a number of mini-games.

While Game Insight hasn’t given out an official release date just yet, Incredible Heist will be coming to iPad in the near future. According to the game’s official website, it also would appear that a Facebook version is in the cards somewhere down the road as well. In either case, there’s one thing that we know for sure right now: this game is gearing up to be quite the steal!

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