Beamdog’s long-term goal is Baldur’s Gate 3, with Kickstarter funding a strong possibility

By David Oxford |

Over ten years have passed since the last numbered Baldur’s Gate installment, and with nothing but the Dark Alliance side-series to tide them over (and even the last release for that was eight years ago), fans may be wondering if they will ever see another proper sequel in the Role Playing Game series begun by BioWare so long ago.

Speaking with Cameron Tofer of Beamdog/Overhaul Games, GameSpy learned that Baldur’s Gate 3 is definitely in the company’s cards… eventually. Describing it as a long-term goal, Tofer notes that “we have a lot of things to put in place before such a project can be launched,” and that while no such project has been set in motion yet, “that’s the one we want to do.”

Following the trend established by Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure, and continued by Brian Fargo’s inXile Entertainment for Wasteland 2, it appears that the Kickstarter fund raising campaign could become key to their goal. Of the program, Tofer says “it just makes so much sense and solves so many problems,” adding that Fargo’s use of it is “very interesting.”

Before any of that takes place, however, the group has more immediate plans to re-establish Baldur’s Gate‘s place in the world of video game RPGs. Specifically, they are planning a re-release of the first two games with “Enhanced Editions,” which will go beyond a mere visual upgrade and include new side stories; “stories to tie things together, unfinished stories,” said Tofer.

“We’re doing everything we can maintain the magic and legacy,” Tofer continued. “I totally believe that [Baldur’s Gate] is more relevant now than ever. We will be able to reach such a wider audience this time around. It’s amazing how global the game really is.”

“The pressure is intense!”

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