Baldur’s Gate pulled from the App Store over “contractual issues”

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition has been pulled from the App Store. The desktop edition of the game is no longer available, either. Beamdog’s remake of BioWare’s classic RPG has been slain by something more poisonous than a manticore’s sting and deadlier than a basilisk’s stony glance: “Contractual issues.”

The news came in overnight from Beamdog head Trent Oster. Oster posted a note on stating that until these contractual issues are resolved, there can’t be any patches distributed for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. Moreover, neither Baldur’s Gate 2 nor the highly-anticipated Android version of Enhanced Edition can see the light of day until everything is untangled.

Eurogamer has a good summary of the core issues. Essentially, Baldur’s Gate is based around the Dungeons & Dragons universe, and a bunch of people have their fingers in the rights. It’s going to take some time to sort everything out. May as well grab a flagon of mead and kick your feet up.

Source: Pocket Tactics

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