Baking Life fans are not happy

Earlier this week Popcap announced that Facebook game Baking Life would be coming to an abrupt end, officially shutting down on January 31. As you can imagine, players are not happy.

The Baking Life forums have become filled with angry messages from players after the announcement. Many seem to be upset not just because the game is closing down, but both because it was announced so suddenly and that the in-game currency, Zip Cash, will not be transferable to any other games. Here’s a selection of what fans had to say:

  • “this is totally unacceptable behaviour on your part Baking Life and you need to come up with a solution, that is if you value your customers who have remained loyal not to mention the many that have paid to play this game.”
  • “seriously , im realy hacked off , this game is and has become a fmily favourite , i have spent an obsene amount of money on this game , using facebook credits etc only to be told it is no longer going to be available after the 31st January “
  • “FUMING!! Not just the idea that BL will be deleted but the way in which it has been handled. SHAME ON YOU! The negative publicity generated by this will be catastrophic for zipzap. Absolutely ridiculous!!”
  • “You can’t just take it away. We have worked hard to get were we are now and the awards we have gotten.”

Baking Life‘s userbase has significantly dropped since it was released, and currently the game boasts 750,000 monthly active users. A statement from Popcap on the game’s Facebook page states that, “though it makes us sad to shut down the game, it will allow us to focus on creating new and engaging games for you to play.”

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