Badland is now on Android

When it comes to action-adventure platformers on a mobile device, it just doesn’t get any more magical and mysterious that Frogmind’s critically-acclaimed Badland. After all, we’ve seen the highly original adventure crop up on countless App Store “best of” lists and mobile gaming promotions before, and now Android users finally have the chance to share in on all of the wonder. That’s right: Badland has officially come to Android devices today!

But now here’s the interesting thing about this news: the Android version of Badland has adopted a free-to-play model, so all users will be able to experience a taste of the whimsical adventure at absolutely no cost! Of course, to unlock everything that the premium version of Badland has to offer, you’ll need to make a series of in-app purchases which include: $1.99 to unlock the second set of 40 levels in the game; $1.99 to unlock 17 additional multiplayer levels and 3 multiplayer characters; and $0.99 to remove all in-game ads.


But if you want to make the best of a really great bargain, you can always pick up the special Premium Pack for only $2.99, which unlocks all content and features of the game! You can download Badland on the Google Play Marketplace right now, and if this is your first time in the vibrant and mysterious world that accompanies it, please be sure to share your thoughts on the game down in the replies!

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