Bad Hotel comes to Steam October 16th

You know what’s even better than playing a game so good that it earns a perfect score on Gamezebo? Seeing that same game jump in front of a whole new audience. On October 16, developer Lucky Frame will be bringing their iOS strategy/music hybrid to PC and Mac gamers via Steam.

“Bad Hotel got an amazing reception when we released it on iOS, including getting nominated for a prestigious IGF Award for Excellence in Audio,” Lucky Frame’s Yann Seznec told Gamezebo. “Being a nominee in 2013 meant that we got an automatic Steam release agreement, which was an incredible opportunity for us – it can be quite difficult for indie devs like us to get a game onto Steam, so it was not an opportunity we could pass up.”


If you’re worried about touch controls not translating well to a keyboard and mouse, don’t worry. Yann tells us that “the tapping/swiping controls from the original version actually work quite well with a mouse.” In fact, the only real changes you’ll notice are peripheral bonuses. “The art style for Bad Hotel is so cool that we thought it would be a waste not to make all of the trading cards, backgrounds, and achievements that Steam supports.”

Can’t wait to check it out for yourself? You’ll be able to snag Bad Hotel for $4.99 when it launches on Steam on October 16.

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