Aurora Feint 3 launches tomorrow, initially iPad exclusive

In an interview we had conducted with Aurora Feint’s founder and CEO Jason Citron back in January, it was confirmed that we’d be seeing an Aurora Feint 3 at some point – he just wouldn’t tell us when. Citron may have known a little more than he was letting us in on at the time, as Aurora Feint today announced that the third iteration of the series would be released tomorrow for the Apple iPad.

Initially an iPad exclusive, Aurora Feint 3 will become compatible with both the iPhone and iPod Touch in future updates. The game will embrace the freemium business model and be the first title to feature OpenFeint X, the latest version of the popular OpenFeint social platform that will feature in-app purchases and the ability to invite friends to play.

“With Aurora Feint 3 we’ve delivered on two of our core goals: developing a beautiful, multi-chapter MMO for our players and deploying a free-to-play virtual goods-based version of OpenFeint,” said Citron. “This game integrates core components of OpenFeint X and gives us a chance to test and refine these features in a live game before releasing them to the rest of the OpenFeint developer community.”

While there’s no firm date on when OpenFeint X will be released to other developers, with a public test run like this it’s good to know that Aurora Feint is willing to work out the bugs before unleashing their latest release to the masses.

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