Atari 2600 emulator may be coming to iPhone

Manomio, the developers who brought the popular Commodore 64 emulator to the iPhone (recently featured in our free apps round-up) have just released a YouTube video showing off a similar project for the Atari 2600. What’s more, Manomio has confirmed to Slide to Play that they’re working on getting the rights to make this project a reality.

“We are still in the early stages of negotiation with Infogrames/Atari, but have a good dialogue going with the right people,” Manomio’s CTO Stuart Carnie told Slide to Play. “We’re not sure how the (business) model would work yet. Naturally, Atari would have their own input on this and we’d need to follow their lead; however, one of the models we have presented is in-app purchasing. I would anticipate many cases where the in-app purchase would be a pack of many games, perhaps 10+.”

Manomio has also confirmed that they have an Amiga emulator in the works as well, though they may be looking to develop a new business model when it comes to marketing Amiga games. “These games that are much closer to today’s productions in terms of graphics,” says Manimo CEO Brian Lyscarz. “We think they can stand on their own much more than 4 and 8 bit games, and we´re adding a bunch of new features and controls to each Amiga game to make it work on its own.”

For more insight, be sure to check out the complete interview at Slide to Play.

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