Asia is now the leading app market in the world

There’s no denying how far the world of mobile applications has come since the early days of smartphones and tablets, but the number of people who are still jumping on board in other parts of the world? It’s skyrocketing. Distimo, the popular application analytics company, has today released their January 2014 report. And the findings this month are nothing short of eye-opening: Asia has become the world’s most lucrative continent for mobile application downloads.

In the new report titled “Asia: The Leading App Market in the World,” Distimo extracted data and revenue estimates from both Apple App Store and Google Play app downloads for the month of December 2013. Their findings show just how big a force Asia has become in the mobile games space, accounting for 41% of the entire global revenue last month, with North America trailing behind at 31%. The numbers have risen a whopping 162% since last year (as compared to North America’s 46%), which is thanks to Google Play downloads quadrupling since December 2012.


The Distimo report also unearthed a few other interesting findings. For starters, Japan is by and large the most lucrative Asian country when it comes to mobile apps, followed by South Korea and then China. It should also come as no surprise that free-to-play or freemium is the leading business model in Asia, and the most downloaded game on the continent in December 2013 was Angry Birds Go!. In second and third place were two Asian market games, Carrot Fantasy 2: Polar Adventure and The Hardest Game in History.

What does this mean for mobile developers today? That the globalization and localization of their mobile apps in other markets has never been more crucial for their ultimate success. To learn more about Distimo’s findings and what the future of mobile games in Asia might look like in 2014 and beyond, you can download the “Asia: The Leading App Market in the World” for free by clicking right over here and providing an email address.

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