Ars Technica talks to Papa Sangre creator about developing games for the blind

Over at Ars Technica, Gamezebo’s own Andrew Webster has posted up a terrific interview with one of the creators of the recent audio-only experience Papa Sangre. If you’re at all interested in the challenges faced by a developer working entirely in audio, the interview sheds a great deal of light on this unique experience.

Somethin’ Else’s Paul Bennun talks with Ars about the experience of developing a video game that’s totally accessible to the blind, the game’s critical reception, and what’s next for Papa Sangre. Here are a few choice tidbits from the interview;

  • “They say ‘the pictures are better on radio,’ and the team’s suspicion was that we could create a world as detailed and carefully created as any console game with great art direction and game design—using sound alone.”
  • “During play-testing some blind players managed to breeze through the game, while other players found even the opening areas very difficult.”
  • “The illusion provided from successful binaural audio is closer to immersive reality than anything a screen can provide. That is, when it truly works, you’re actually there, getting a closer approximation to the information you’d get from a real space. So some people really find the game incredibly, unplayably, scary.”

Check out the full interview at Ars Technica.

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