Are you a social game whale?

No, that is not an insult. In you are a social games company like Zynga, Playdom, or Playfish, or the hundreds of other companies coming around, it’s quite the compliment.

Inside Social Games has a great article about “super whales,” a term that derives from Vegas casinos to denote the small minority of gamers who spend the most money in casinos.

In social game parlance, a whale is someone who spends more than $1000. A super whale is someone who spends more than $10,000! So, Chris Morrison ponders, where do the top social game spenders reside? They asked payment company Social Gold and the top super whale is not American but is actually living in Saudi Arabia, spending over $25,000 in their system!

This is just a small set of data in the giant universe of social game payments, but it’s interesting that the data exists showing the concept of the free-spending “whale” that fuels the Vegas economy is fueling the Facebook metrics.

How else are Facebook games like Vegas casinos? And, if social game companies are making more money on whales in the future, is it only a matter of time before the data-driven game companies figure out loyalty programs and ways to “comp” whales and super-whales like they do in Vegas?

For the full story, check out Super whales: top social game spenders pay more than $10,00 apiece for virtual goods (Inside Social Games)

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