AQuizMatics is an addictive puzzler that’s good for your brain

AQuizMatics may look exciting and new, but we’ve seen its like before. Way back in the day, when iPhone game was in its infancy and Android gaming wasn’t a thing, there was a game called Big Top 10, which saw you drawing lines through numbers until they added up to ten. It was genius, and one of our favourite games.

Big Top 10 vanished from the App Store a long time ago, so we’re delighted that its place has been taken by AQuizMatics. This number puzzler from developer Mind of Khan is the conceptual successor to Big Top 10, in that it contains the same core gameplay mechanic but builds on it in all sorts of ways.

For example, in some levels you need to string sequences of numbers together totalling 12 or more, depending on the target you’re given. In others you need to work out what the target is yourself buy solving a maths problem, or finish a certain number of sequences with the same number.

In the Normal mode, you get a target and an allotment of moves and as much time as you like to reach the end. Timed mode is the same but, um, timed, injecting proceedings with a dose of tension.

AQuizMatics is a fun and addictive puzzler in its own right, and that makes it perfect for its other job: helping children to learn mathematics.

As its name suggests, AQuizMatics is an educational app. But it’s quite an unusual educational app, in that it’s actually fun. Instead of having to force your kids or students to play it, you’ll struggle to get them to stop.

It’s like Big Top 10, in other words, but with more modes, features, variety, and fun. You can grab AQuizMatics from the App Store or Google Play right now. Be sure to check out the game’s Facebook page too.

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