April Fools invades Facebook gaming

It roots may go back a lot further than our online world, yet in recent years the internet has become a primary source for April Fools Day entertainment. YouTube videos were displayed in ASCII, Google changed its name to Topeka, and Sega resurrected it’s dolphin franchise Ecco in the strangest of ways. Even Gamezebo got in on the action as we brought you news of the Big White Bunny. It was only a matter of time until the pranks and hijinx made their way to social games.

Tami Baribeau from Examiner.com has put together a terrific summary of yesterday’s activities in the world of Facebook games. Highlights include a Tiki Resort charm that covers your island in trash, the chop shop in Mafia Wars transformed into a unicorn castle, and a new “3D” mode for Pet Society. To no one’s surprise, the biggest tricks of the day were played by the biggest game on the network: FarmVille.

FarmVille offered up a healthy combinations of April pranks and new items for their followers. The biggest of these brings a classic prank to life on the farm – you can TP your neighbors barns. For those not in the know, ‘TP’ is short for toilet paper, and FarmVille fans had access to it in no short supply yesterday. Players could also purchase three new animals: the Jackalope, the Groovy Goat, and the Pseudocorn. New buildings and decorations include the teensy weensy Mini Villa and a Loch Ness monster prop named Lake Nessy.

With both Easter and Spring in full swing, adding April Fools Day into the mix means plenty of seasonal content in Facebook games right now. What holiday content are you most looking forward to next?

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