Apple’s App Store comes to Facebook

It may seem like the fan page we never knew we wanted, but the iTunes App Store has finally come to Facebook. Vitrue, the company behind the the popular iTunes fan page, has worked hand-in-hand with Apple to bring the popular iPhone and iPod Touch application service to the leading social platform.

“With over 150,000 apps available in the App Store and with more than 3 billion downloads, bringing the incredibly popular App Store to Facebook was a perfect fit,” says Chad Estes, Vitrue’s Senior Product Manager in a recent blog post. “Both the App Store and Facebook are currently two of hottest application development platforms today, so bringing the two together is a match made in heaven. People love their apps and nowhere are they better able to express these feelings than Facebook. The custom solutions designed for the App Store Facebook page allows fans to discover and share apps more easily than ever before.”

In addition to being able to find popular and featured applications, the fan page will allow you to search the more than 150,000 apps available and share them to your wall. If you’re looking for a more passive Facebook experience, the minds behind the fan page can bring the hits to you, showcasing a different app on their wall every day.

It’s a good start, and Estes promises that there is more on the way. To check out what Apple and Vitrue have to offer, be sure to fan the official App Store fan page.

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