Apple releasing 128GB iPad on February 5

If you’re reading this site right now, there’s a decent chance you play a lot of video games. Furthermore, you probably play some or all of those games on a smartphone or tablet. Well, tablet gamers – specifically those that own an iPad – this news is for you: Apple is releasing a new, 128GB iPad 4 on February 5. That… is a whole lot of room for games.

For reference, the 64GB iPad currently has the highest storage capacity. This new model doubles that, although thankfully the price, while higher, isn’t doubled as well: the Wi-Fi model will set you back $799; the Wi-Fi and cellular model will be $929. Now’s probably a good time to break open the piggy bank or start that lemonade stand you’ve been fantasizing about.

In all honesty, while I’m positive there’s an audience for this new model, I remain perfectly happy with my 16GB model. But I’m also a serial app deleter, so that’s a major factor. If you’re more of a virtual packrat, this seems like the perfect chance to download a tremendous amount of games without ever having to worry about deleting any of them.

Are you planning on picking up this new model? Let us know in the comments!

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