Apple Game Center coming next week

At Apple’s fall showcase of new gadgets and technologies, Steve Jobs confirmed something that Apple gamer’s have anxiously been waiting for since it’s reveal this past April: the release date of Apple Game Center.

Included as part of the free upcoming iOS 4.1 update, Apple Game Center will be unleashed to gamers sometime next week. Also included in 4.1 will be HDR photography, TV show rentals, and HD video uploading, but let’s be frank – it’s all about the games. 😉

One thing managed to stick out about the 4.1 announcement that will no doubt be a sore point for those who like to “go big.” Next week’s 4.1 update will available for the iPhone and iPod Touch – but not the iPad.

iPad owners can look forward to November’s 4.2 update, which will finally see the device keeping pace with its smaller cousins.

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