Angry Birds toys now available for pre-order

After weeks of rumors, speculation, and sightings, Rovio has finally unleashed their Angry Birds plush toys on the public …almost. While you can’t get one yet, the toys are available for pre-order online and will begin shipping in December.

Created by Commonwealth Toys, each adorable 8″ plush will set you back $14.99. They can be purchased in one of two ways; from the official Angry Birds store at or through ToyWiz definitely seems to offer the better selection, offering the five plush birds individually, as a complete set, and they’re even taking pre-order for four plush variations of the pigs (which are set to ship in February).



Much to our surprise these don’t appear to be either the large plushies that were spotted in the streets of Manhattan in September or the slingshot toys that surfaced on YouTube early last month. Does this mean we can expect different Angry Birds toys in the near future? Or were those simply prototypes that Rovio decided to abandon in favour of the final product pictured above?

Regardless of which toys made it to market, there’s no doubt that Rovio is living up to their promise to turn Angry Birds from a 99 cent game into a full entertainment franchise. Between the toys and the t-shirts that debuted late last month, it shouldn’t be hard to find something to put under the tree for the Angry Birds fan in your family this holiday season.

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