Angry Birds t-shirts now available from Rovio

Are you the type of gamer that wears their love for Angry Birds on their sleeve? Well now you can wear it on your chest, too! Rovio has just launched a series of t-shirts for the Angry Birds faithful, offering up four different designs and a variety of color combinations.

Shoppers can choose between a shirt with their iconic red bird, a pig shirt, and two variations of the Angry Birds logo. Prices are fairly reasonable, ranging from $11.90 to $18.90, but we were a little surprised by the lack of shirt style options. You can get the red bird in a men’s ringer tee, for example, while the similar pig shirt is only available in a standard tee. And while some women don’t mind wearing men’s tees, only one design is custom fit for the female market.

We were also surprised to see that the shirts were offered through rather than a traditional retailer or a notable online retailer like Threadless (the company Twitter partnered with for its shirts last year). Spreadshirt offers a service similar to Zazzle or Cafe Press, where anyone can design and market their own t-shirts – even Gamezebo – but the profit margins offered by such services are usually razor thin. Here’s to hoping that Rovio managed to work out a better deal than normal folks could, or that this is simply their way of fiddling with design ideas before partnering up with a traditional clothing manufacturer.

Either way, these are too cool to pass up. And if they do treat this as a testing ground, you never know – one of these tees could be a collector’s item one day!

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