Angry Birds Rio currently free (as a bird)

It’s not often you see Rovio games being offered at a discount, but Angry Birds Rio is currently a rare (and pleasant) exception to the rule. Both the iPhone and iPad versions are available for the low cost of nothing, courtesy of Apple’s “App of the Week” promotion.

If you avoided the game on account of it being a movie tie-in, this seems like the perfect chance to go back and fix that. It isn’t the best entry in the series, per se, but it threw some interesting new concepts into the mix, such as boss battles and swaying obstacles. If you think you’re the ultimate flinger of birds, this just might be the slice of humble pie you need.

As the words “App of the Week” make clear, this offer is only available for a limited time! As in, seven days! 168 hours! 10,080 minutes! 604,800 seconds!

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