Angry Birds has the numbers, but Plants vs. Zombies has a Hip Hop Video

There is no question that the phenomenon that is Angry Birds is backed by impressive numbers. The game has been downloaded over 350 million times and Rovio sells an average of 1 million t-shirts and plush toys, respectively (Techcrunch). An amusement park in China has created a real-life Angry Birds game.

And in an entertaining piece in The Atlantic, senior editor Alexis Madrigal proved he does not have an economic bone in his body by estimating that Angry Birds costs the US economy $1.5 billion a year based on what may possibly be the worse analysis I have ever read in my life.

One would think PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies should have Angry Birds-envy, if not for the fact that Plants vs. Zombies now has its very own hip hop video.

That’s right, Crazy Dave is rapping and the Zombies are moaning in this interesting little video titled, Wabby Wabbo.

Your serve, oh Mighty Eagle…

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