Angry Birds gets real in latest Funny or Die video

Trying to bring Angry Birds into the real world isn’t a new idea by any stretch. Last summer a loving mom created a home version of the game for her kids to play. This spring Mattel is bringing a board game to the market. But Funny or Die? They ‘ve managed to recreate the experience on a bit of a bigger scale.

While the website is generally known for its hilarious (and often NSFW) videos, the latest upload from site member Almost Twins ditches comedy for a straight up authentic real life recreation of the Angry Birds experience, complete with a giant slingshot, balloon piggies, and a bowling ball for a bird.

EDIT: It looks like the embedded video below has been removed from YouTube due to a complaint from Funny or Die. You can still view it in it’s entirety on the Funny or Die website.

At the end of the video, the uploaders promise that they’ll be back “with more levels and mayhem!!” We’ll be sure to keep an eye on their Funny or Die page and let you know if they keep true to their promise.


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